No Exhibitions Scheduled 
Art Not For Sale ~ right now 

"I'm Not desperate to sell my art to people who think they are buying art from a "dead" person. It’s time to be honest, the old ugly  mother actually did all of this. 
Believe everything Becky and John McCaulley say is all Truth, they "raised" me so they have authority forever, even after death they are still right about everything. When my own family believes their own child could killed them-selves and clone themselves, and Not be part of the family, I'm just a guest. My parents are right, I'm not the artist, I'm not "Madison McCaulley" Anyone who purchased "Madison McCaulley" art in the past, Becky McCaulley, she actually painted all these paintings, Becky signs the work with the name Madison because she wishes she was "Madison McCaulley". The real Madison died at birth over 30 years ago, all this art is actually 66 year old, Becky McCaulley's paintings. Madison is just an imaginary person, she isn't "real" 
This art is worthless until Becky McCaulley passes away, I will announce it when Becky is dead, and all the art purchased in the past will exponential increase in value, a living artist with a narcissistic mother is worthless. 
NO MORE “Madison McCaulley” Art shows as long as the narcissistic mother Becky is living. 

Past Exhibitions:
Town of Vail Public Library
January 2nd - 16th, 2019


Avon Public Library
September 2nd - 30th, 2017
Crazy Mountain Brewery
 439 Edwards Access Road, B-102
Edwards, CO 81632
February 25th to April 15th, 2017
"The Basement" at the Riverwalk
Edwards, CO 81632
March 2016

Crazy Mountain Brewery
Edwards, CO 
Loaded Joe's - Avon, CO - March 2014

Vail Public Library Community Room -Vail CO - May 2013
Loaded Joe’s Coffee House and Lounge, Solo Show, Avon, CO – December 2012

The Bookworm Bookstore and Cafe, Solo Show, Edwards, CO - Summer/Fall 2012

Gobi Mongolian Grill, Edwards, CO - Summer/Fall 2012

Crazy Mountain Brewery, Art Walk, Edwards, CO - June/July 2012

Vail Nordic Center - Vail, CO - December 2011 to April 2012

Adams State University - Cloyde Snook Gallery, Thesis Exhibition, Alamosa, CO- Dec. 2011

All Good Things Gallery and Gift Boutique, Monte Vista, CO - Summer/Fall 2011

Alpine Arts Center, Solo Exhibition, Edwards, CO - August 2011

Adams State University - Cloyde Snook Gallery, National Juried Show - Feb/March 2011

Adams State University - Hatfield Gallery – Alamosa, C0 – Jan/Feb. 2011

Milagros Coffee House, Alamosa, CO – December 2010

Adams State University - Community Partnerships, Alamosa, CO – September 2010

Wildethyme Art Gallery, Monte Vista, CO – September 2010

Adams State College - Hatfield Gallery, Student Show, Alamosa, CO – Aug/Sept 2010

Redcliff Studio Tour, Redcliff School House, Redcliff, CO – August, 2010

Loaded Joe’s Coffee House and Lounge, Solo Exhibition, Avon, CO – October 2009

Mount-N-Frame, Framed Art Show/ Art Swap, Vail, CO - December 2009

Artful Sol Fine Art Gallery, Vail, CO - 2008/2009

Vail Public Library, Solo Exhibition, Vail, CO – October 2008

St. Olaf College - Flaten Art Museum, Senior Show, Northfield, MN – May 2008

Avon Public Library, Solo Exhibition, Avon, CO – November 2007

American University in Cairo, Student Juried Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt– Spring 2007

Eagle County Fair, Juried Art Show, Eagle, CO – Summer 2006

St. Olaf College, Flaten Art Museum, Student Juried Exhibition, Northfield, MN – Spring 2006


Permanent Collections:
Adams State University: Art Collection, Alamosa - Colorado

Saint Olaf College: Art Collection, Northfield - Minnesota

Private residences: 
Colorado - *Vail  *Avon *Edwards *Eagle *Alamosa *Denver 
New Mexico - *Santa Fe
Minnesota - *Northfield *Minneapolis
North Dakota - *Fargo

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