April 2019 - Month of the Artist, Painter, Musician, Dancer, Writer

April Fools: Madison Lee McCaulley, "The Madness is Calling" me in Grand Junction, Colorado.
WATCH THIS YOU TUBE: Declaration of Independence

MISSION: To Save the homeless children of COLORADO from their DRUG addict parents.
A child, a minor (in the US under age 18) is innocence. 
A young person can't save themselves by themselves, minors need adults to teach them things like Hygiene, we all Wash our hands after the Toilet, and Brush our Teeth before bed, in the morning and after we eat sugar.
Madison is educated, she wrote this and made this BLOG look like a real Website.
I believe in open religion, at age 32 I have many beliefs, I'm born female from Vail, absolutely no doubt about my feminine, and I have access to technology because I worked hard to pay for expensive Mac Computers, and I have a credit card because I have GOOD CREDIT. 
I do not worship people, Allah, Assyrian Christianity, Ancient Original Religion, I worship God and prevent violence by myself.
Good Health, Fresh Food, Nutrition, Hygiene, Clean is GOD
Let's Talk...
Let's Talk about Suicide. "Act of killing oneself"
SUICIDE is an UN-Natural ACT.
If you are going to "Kill" Do it Metaphorically (in the thinking), Not physically, Physical Damage is Permanent. Once your Teeth are gone, they are gone. 
When someone actually dies from killing themselves, its BAD, it's because No one was there to tell them to Stop. We need each other to remind us the difference between Right and Wrong.
COLORADO has the highest Suicide in the World. People come to Colorado for extremes, like extreme ways to die in glory. 
But ME, MADISON MCCAULLEY, I'm Native to COLORADO and when you are born in Colorado everyday is a Blessing.
The people who come to Colorado, Out of State, they kill themselves because they do Not have support. People Born in Colorado have to have Family, how would a baby be born in Vail without a birth parent?
Most people who succeed at Suicide are Not Born in Colorado. #1
Ask a Colorado Native if they think about Suicide, and they would say No, I love Colorado, I want to LIVE. 
People stopped paying attention to each-other as people, as family, a 100 years ago.
When the ski industry starts people Stop Talking to each other.
People die from uneducated, unsafe behavior. 
For Example, I did not know alcohol was poison until I got Alcohol poisoning went to the Emergency Room, over a decade ago, Now I know Alcohol can kill a person when consumed in High Volume, it Kills. But I survived College, my own family wants me dead because they are embarrassed that I'm SO intelligent. My Family want me dead so they can sell my ART and be rich off their dead daughter talent. SO sad, because I'm Alive and my parents get everything. All I have is this BLOG. 
No one really wants to kill themselves, "Copy Cat suicide" is the Government trying to get us all to eat our own poop. No one copies a friend who died from killing themselves. No one likes the taste of Shit. 

March 2019 - The Time to Remember FREEDOM. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Responsibility is KEY.

Hi - HIGH to the people of the United State of America, 
We all need, Not to forget about FREEDOM!
The Declaration of Independence was declared in year 1776,
Hello America... We have had independence for 243 years, 
we forgot what it means to be a true AMERICAN.

The story goes, the Vail Police Department is one of the Highest paying Police departments in the United States, wow, so I don't understand why the Vail police needs to be doing shady deals, like breaking into poor poor colorado natives apartments, kicking out women and children on the streets in the Winter. I cannot believe the local government thinking it's ok to take the side of abusive harassing parents, and taking bribes from them. I know this because I was born in Vail in 1986. And I did the Math, I have been in Colorado 85% of my life. And Eagle County, John and Becky McCaulley, My own Mother and Father have erased me from history, expect credit card trail and my taxes. 
This December I worked for the Town of Vail, I quit only after Two weeks because I didn't feel safe working with the town anymore because the Vail Police take bribes and arrest their own town employees. I don't understand why the Town of Vail does background checks on their employees, they all start with blank records, and the Vail Police corrupts, turns, the good people into a Felony. The Town of Vail and the Vail police are ganging up and BULLYING everyone in COLORADO and degrading, changing the economy in Colorado - in a extremely negative way, the Vail Police are being SO gay, going through the backdoor. No need to explain anymore...
SOO Town of Vail, attention needed! Please pay the Vail Police more money, and send them to School. If the Police and Sheriff get paid more and more training, they will stop taking on shady deals. The New Sheriff and New Police in the Colorado they all need to learn that Colorado is one of the first places in the United States to have LAW. Now Colorado is the USA, Colorado is the Standard, it was part of a country before the 13 colonies established. Colorado is webbed part of the United States, destroy CO and destroy the Planet Earth. Utah is Married to Colorado, what happens with Utah ripples into CO. All the conservative Mormon from Utah, thinking Colorado is Free rain, No. 
The United State is separate Church and State, this is Not Mexico anymore! The police can be corrupt all they want IN Mexico. BUTT 
In America, we demand security! Americans WE Pay $ ALOT of money to be SAFE! Its not right for the government to play brainwash games with people, creating shady deals behind the innocent hard working civilians is WRONG.
St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN is the fully responsible for the World Economy CRASH in year 2008. 
And Vail Resorts-Beaver Creek, you cannot force me, Madison McCaulley to stay in the Vail area, if I stay in the Vail Valley, I will kill myself, or I'll be killed by someone else. Yes I'm typing "I will kill myself if I have to work for Vail Resorts another season, 17 years of slavery for Vail is enough!"
~Apparently, if you are born in Vail, Colorado, like me and my younger brother, you are going to be assassinated, either by alcohol, by Avalanche, or by local sheriff. If I stay in Vail I die. I want to live, so I'm "Temporary" giving up my dream of being a "master abstract painter." I'm moved into the WEST. If I tell people I was born in the Vail hospital, or give out my resume for a new job everyone just says I'm schizophrenic.  It's time I throw my resume away, Resumes out the Window! 
All people need is a stable job so they can pay for a Safe place to Live.
Vail is only "1" resort? There are 24 Ski resorts in COLORADO, ranging from years 1920s-1980s, over 100 years the State of Colorado has built the most amazing ski industry in History. 
SO, Since the Vail Hospital opened in the early 1960s, my question is.. how many babies born in Vail Colorado, grow up to be successful people in society today? I was Born in Vail Hospital and Now I am a DEAD PERSON.
Vail did not think 60 years ahead, did they? Vail is taking advantage of the International world, people who have never been inside the United States Do Not Know anything about the History, the US government is changing history by erasing it, Where did all the Native Americans GO? How many children born in Colorado Survive? of Vail, Colorado how many died pre-maturely?.. I have many friends dead in my 32 years, who is next? People die either by drunk driving, suicide, cancer, avalanche, alcohol, drugs, and killed by their own parents? The Eagle County Coroners Webpage doesn't show the entire truth. I know the truth because I have lived in Vail Valley a long ass time, there are more deaths in Eagle County then the local government likes to admit. And the Local paper, the Vail Daily hides the Truth. How many babies born in Vail, Colorado have reached adulthood - Past the age of 35? Me, Madison, I'm almost 35. 
The first babies born in Vail Hospital would be almost 60 years old now, my concern. are any of the first babies born in Vail still alive today? How many babies born in Vail are born by "Americans who legit US, not expired, passports"? 
I went to public high school in Vail Valley, Battle Mountain, Class of 2004, just look at the employment records of the teachers at the New High School, most of them worked at the Old building before. 

I have rented from people who were Not from the United States, they from Europe somewhere. The Europeans need to go back to Europe. The Europeans believe in FGM. The United Kingdom, England and Ireland are all Natural women, the UK DOES NOT CUT PEOPLE. The Germans, Russians, and Swedes, The JEWS, do Not like the "natural" skin. The Germans, Russians, and Swedes, these horrible people they created FGM, cutting women out of Society. 
That's why "Madison" is a popular female name in the UK and in America, because the Germs called these English "island" people "Mad" for all there skins intact.

 Central America needs Attention!
* San Pedro Sula - Honduras 
(The city where parents fuck their own children) 
Central America, This is the Most Violent place on Earth.
 I Blame the corruption on my Mother Rebecca McCaulley, at age 65, she believes I cut out my Vagina, that would hurt a lot, she works and lives in Edwards and Cuts women for a living. 
My own Mother hired the Police to arrest me because I have all my Vagina skins, she wants the skin out, ouch!
She is the main reason why the United States is SO FUCKED. 
I graduated from undergraduate college in 2008, 
I Know Now the reason why 2008 economy crash happened..
 it was all the Red Head, Madison's fault because I went to College. My own Grandmother Doreen Taber, blames me for the all the Septic poop problems in the Entire State of Minnesota, all the poop made in Minnesota all came out of one person, me, Madison.
If I could predict the future, I would Not of gone to college in 2004, and I would Not taken out loans. I wouldn't of used my Credit Card unless I thought I was going to pay it back, Credit Cards are Not money, they are expensive "Loans." If I knew better I would of gone straight into the work force full-time. Because Now, 11 years later, year 2019 no sign of recovery, I have tried so hard, We all Tried to be Good, in 11 years I have lost 30 pounds of my body weight, because I believe in ART. I believe in Humanities. I have so much unpaid credit card, and student loans debt over 10 years old, and no job.
So I moved West.
I failed being an adult, in my hometown, Grade F for adulthood. 
Time for New life without Helicopter parents! 

At Age 17, was my prime, 2004, at 20 years old I died, 2007, and the rest of my life has been on loan, unpaid loans ... 

12 years I have been a Ghost with Flesh, 
I can talk and move things.

2. AFGANISTAN - AFT (UTC +4:30, no changes)

January 2019

Town of Vail Public Library 

Community Room  

January 2nd - 16th, 2019

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Winter 2018-2019

"Aspen Barcode" 8 x 8 - triptych 3 parts

bar code (often seen as a single word, barcode
is the small image of lines (bars
and spaces that is affixed to retail store items, identification cards, 
and postal mail to identify a particular product number, 
person, or location.

Fall into Winter 2018

Acrylic on Canvas
Small 6x6"

"A Hint of Winter"

"Gold and White"

"Hanging Canyon"

"Layers of the Earth"

"Mountains in the Distance"

"Pink Peaks"

"The Pine Tree in the Rock"

"Three Aspens First Snow"

Summer into fall - 2018

"Through the Aspen Tree Grove"
24"h x 18"w
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

May 2018

"Melting into Spring"
30"h x 36"w
Acrylic on Canvas

April 2018

"For Sharon" - N/A
Acrylic on Canvas
Diptych - two parts each 6x6"

February 2018

"Trees of Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

December 2017 - January 2018

"Fall into Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2017

Small for Fall - N/A

September 2017

September Artist Happenings
September Art Exhibition
Avon Public Library
September 2nd - 30th
Vail Daily Newspaper
September 15th, 2017

Interview #1 - Interview #2
TV8 - Vail - Beaver Creek - September 26th, 2017

To view the entire 2 hour episode click on the link below

Stages for TV8 
Stage 1: Blue painters tape holds the place for the front trees
Stage 2: Remove tape. add branches, leaves, and tree marks
TV8 Studio - Avon, Colorado
Stage 3: Finished
Title:"Good Morning Aspens"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

August 2017

Click on image to enlarge
"Golden Aspens"
48"x 60"

July 2017

"Sky" 24 x 18

"Magic Forest" 18h x 24w

Winter 2016

"Trees with Eyes"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2016

"Mountain View"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Snow in the distance"
"Not Natural"

September 2016

"Pink Mountains"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Yellow Sky"
Acrylic on Canvas

August 2016

"Trees and Mountains"

"Mountain Valley"

Spring 2016

"Eye of the Aspen"
48 x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas

Winter 2016

"Winter Aspens"
20 x 20
"Aspen Alley"
8 x 24

"Aspens Small"
6 x 12
"Winter Small Aspen"
12 x 6
"Winter Small"
10 x 8

November - December 2015

"Winter Wonder"
24 x 36

November 2015

4 Small for Fall - N/A