March 2019

Help, The Eagle County Sheriff is corrupted!
The Vail Police Department is one of the Highest paying Police departments $$$$$$ in the United States, 
so I don't understand why the Vail police need extra money by doing shady deals, and taking bribes, the Vail police are changing the economy in Vail in a negative way.
Town of Vail you need to pay the Vail Police more money so they stop taking on shady deals. This is the United States, this is Not Mexico. The police can be corrupt all they want in Mexico, but this is America, it's not the American way to be corrupt! 
Dear, Local sheriff please do Not break my door, I have until March 31st to move out of my apartment in Edwards, the police are not allowed to break the door down, and force me out early. I promise I will move out, and drive myself to the psychiatric hospital but I still have until March 31st. Eagle County, so please let me organize and move away. 
Vail Resorts cannot force me to stay here, if I stay in Vail Valley I will kill myself. Yes I'm typing "I will kill myself if I have to work for Vail Resorts another season, 17 years of slavery is enough!"

Apparently, if you are born in Vail, Colorado, you are going to be assassinated, either by alcohol or by Avalanche, or by local sheriff, so if I stay in Vail I die. I'm giving up my dream of being a master abstract painter. I'm moving into the insane asylum in April. If I tell people I was born in the Vail hospital or give out my resume for a new job, everyone says I'm schizophrenic. Instead of cutting my ear off, I'm going to Grand Junction, no assassins there, I can forget Vail ever happened. Vail is only one resort. 

Since the Vail Hospital opened in the early 1960s, my question, how many babies born in Vail, Colorado now grown up, how many of us are succesful people in society? Vail did not think 60 years ahead, how many children born of Vail, Colorado have died pre-maturely? How many babies born in Vail, Colorado have reached adulthood. How many babies born in Vail are born by American parents? I have so much unpaid credit card and student loans, over 10 years old, and no job, and I have bi-polar schizophrenia now, I used to be very active outdoors, but I have too much paranoia.

I failed being an adult Grade F for adulthood

At Age 17, was my prime, and the rest of my life has been on loan, 15 years of unpaid loans  

February 2019 "Look into My Eyes"


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Ink on Paper

January 2019

Town of Vail Public Library 

Community Room  

January 2nd - 16th, 2019

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Winter 2018-2019

"Aspen Barcode" 8 x 8 - triptych 3 parts

bar code (often seen as a single word, barcode
is the small image of lines (bars
and spaces that is affixed to retail store items, identification cards, 
and postal mail to identify a particular product number, 
person, or location.

Fall into Winter 2018

Acrylic on Canvas
Small 6x6"

"A Hint of Winter"

"Gold and White"

"Hanging Canyon"

"Layers of the Earth"

"Mountains in the Distance"

"Pink Peaks"

"The Pine Tree in the Rock"

"Three Aspens First Snow"

Summer into fall - 2018

"Through the Aspen Tree Grove"
24"h x 18"w
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

May 2018

"Melting into Spring"
30"h x 36"w
Acrylic on Canvas

April 2018

"For Sharon" - N/A
Acrylic on Canvas
Diptych - two parts each 6x6"

February 2018

"Trees of Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

December 2017 - January 2018

"Fall into Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2017

Small for Fall - N/A

September 2017

September Artist Happenings
September Art Exhibition
Avon Public Library
September 2nd - 30th
Vail Daily Newspaper
September 15th, 2017

Interview #1 - Interview #2
TV8 - Vail - Beaver Creek - September 26th, 2017

To view the entire 2 hour episode click on the link below

Stages for TV8 
Stage 1: Blue painters tape holds the place for the front trees
Stage 2: Remove tape. add branches, leaves, and tree marks
TV8 Studio - Avon, Colorado
Stage 3: Finished
Title:"Good Morning Aspens"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

August 2017

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"Golden Aspens"
48"x 60"

July 2017

"Sky" 24 x 18

"Magic Forest" 18h x 24w

Winter 2016

"Trees with Eyes"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2016

"Mountain View"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Snow in the distance"
"Not Natural"

September 2016

"Pink Mountains"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Yellow Sky"
Acrylic on Canvas

August 2016

"Trees and Mountains"

"Mountain Valley"

Spring 2016

"Eye of the Aspen"
48 x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas

Winter 2016

"Winter Aspens"
20 x 20
"Aspen Alley"
8 x 24

"Aspens Small"
6 x 12
"Winter Small Aspen"
12 x 6
"Winter Small"
10 x 8

November - December 2015

"Winter Wonder"
24 x 36

November 2015

4 Small for Fall - N/A