2020 - the digital age.

Thanks to digital photography everything can be saved electronically? For example the artist who made this website, me, I hand-painted all the art on this site, because I'm the only real Madison McCaulley, I make these original paintings by hand, all by myself, and I photograph the acrylics and put the paintings on this website. Does that mean these documents below are art, are made-up? Or are they real authentic certified? A person can go to any vital records department in the state which they are born to request state certified documents. Because I was born in Colorado, I can go to any records department in the Colorado. This Below is a fresh copy of my birth certificate. Do you believe me, Madison, the daughter, a 33 year old artist? or do you believe the “mother/ nurse" an old, 66 year old, who is more right ? Is the person born in the state of Colorado real, or is this other someone who is someone else, Who is Rebecca T. really ? Just because my mother was 33 when I was born and I am 33 now, does that mean I have to be a copy of my mother? 
Look at this Document above, it is recent, it is a very fresh copy as of February 13th, 2020.
If the paper copy gets destroyed I can go back to any vital records department in the state I was born and get as many certified copies of my birth certificate as I want.
Proving that I, Madison Lee McCaulley, I was born FEMALE in Vail, Colorado USA on August 1st, 1986.
But wait, Look below - Why is Rebecca Tabor spelled TABOR on my birth certificate, but the document below shows the spelling TABER with an "E" instead of an "O" and Rebecca goes by TABER, why is Madison McCaulley's birth certificate Not match her mother's?
John Charles McCaulley, "my father" he passed away recently on September 14th, 2019 at age 64, and his body was cremated, what about the death certificate, does John McCaulley have a certified death by the state or was it made up?
Why does it show on Madison's live birth certificate above that Rebecca Tabor was born in Colorado, but the document Below, the birth certificate of Rebecca Taber shows she was born in North Dakota.  Are John and Becky the true genetic parents of Madison McCaulley? Why do John and Becky refuse to take a DNA test to prove natural conception, are Madison McCaulley "birth parents" hiding something?
Wade McCaulley is Madison McCaulley's younger sibling, Wade was born Febuary 24, 1989. Does Wade McCaulley's DNA show that Madison and Wade are genetic siblings who have the same genetic parents?
What does Wade McCaulley's birth certificate look like? Does Wade McCaulley's state issued certified birth certificate have Rebecca's maiden name spelled Tabor or Taber? As far as I was told Wade was also born in the state of Colorado, in the town Vail.  

I ask these questions because I am an artist who makes art and want people to be more aware of what is ART is and what Real is real?
How much money $ does it take to Cover Up the truth?

Is it Rebecca Taber or is it Tabor? If Becky / Rebecca, if she went to vital records in North Dakota to requested a more recent birth certificate what would it look like Today?

October 2019

Small for Fall 6 x 6

September 2019

"September Sun" 12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas

August 2019

"Evening Moon Reflecting on The Eagle River" 12 x 12"
"Aspen Stripes"  12 x 12”
"First of August"  12 x 12"

July 2019

3 years later... 2019
NOW titled! "Water Carves Through Rock" 12 x 9"
Acrylic on board, below is the under-painting
(This was painted-over..it is now Look Above)
July 2016 N/A

DO YOU SEE πŸ‘€THE LAYERS, Do you see texture? Look for the bumps from the paint layers...
*All the images on this website are digital photos of the hand-painted originals. I use my camera to photograph my one-of-a-kind paintings, all created by hand, by brush, by one person - that’s me! MLM. I'm always creating NEW work (I paint over Old paintings when I am not finished) Most of the time I'm painting from the Blank Canvas ! So much fun! πŸ˜€

June 2019

The Four Seasons of Colorado - 9" diameter circles 
Can you tell what season is it? 

First Layer of acrylic paints
$100 each /or $400 for all four
Acrylic painting was invented in the 1940s.
became commercially available in the 1950s.
I only use safe non-toxic synthetic color, mix with water. 

Vail Spring 2019!

"Colors of Spring"
16h x 12w

March 2019

It was not finished in 2016
It is Now...
NEW Titled "Color Party" 2019
Diptych (2 Parts) 12 x 18 or 12 x 9 each
$160 each or $320 both

(Original Painting in 2016 - N/A)
“Aspen Pine trees” 🌲
Acrylic on Canvas

January 2019

Town of Vail Public Library Community Room  
January 2nd - 16th, 2019
(Click on images to Enlarge)

Winter 2018-2019

Titles: "Aspen Barcode #1,#2,#3" Size 8 x 8" (Triptych 3 parts)
($160 Each or $320 for all 3)

bar-code definition: a series of lines of varying width, can be printed on the product, or a sticker, read by a scanner to determine information about the product. 

Fall into Winter 2018

6 x 6
Acrylic on Canvas

"A Hint of Winter"
"Gold and White"
"Hanging Canyon"

"Layers of the Earth"
"Mountains in the Distance"

"Pink Peaks"

"The Pine Tree in the Rock"

"Three Aspens First Snow"

Summer into Fall - 2018

"Through the Aspen Tree Grove"
24 x 18

May 2018

"Melting into Spring"
30 x 36

February 2018

"Trees of Winter"
18 x 24

December 2017 through January 2018

"Fall into Winter"
18 x 24

August 2017

Click on image to enlarge
"The Golden Aspen Grove"
(Started in 2012, took 4 years to complete)
48 x 60 (4ft by 5ft)

July 2017

"Sky" 24 x 18
"Magic Forest" 18 x 24

Fall 2016

"Trees with Eyes"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2016

"Mountain View"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Snow in the distance"
"Not Natural"

September 2016

"Yellow Sky"
8 x 10
"Pink Mountains"
Acrylic on Gesso Board