MAY 2019: Celebration - Madison McCaulley is Married to the Forest. Sorry, Men of Vail, CO... I'm already Married to the Aspen Grove.

Look into the Eye.

Please Note: Madison's (creativity-art) is homeless, without enough money to pay for expensive art studio. There is no criteria for what it means to be an artist. Madison, She, myself - I'm putting a temporary HOLD on art. The humans are much more important Right now. Humans first, people #1 -painting is a luxury, can be made later... I Don't want painting to be a curse. Cutting your Ear off leads to infection and death. Eating healthy real food is worth much more than painting. 

Artist MADISON LEE MCCAULLEY is the ONLY person Authorized to sell her Original Artwork. Currently No Art for Sale... Website for viewing only.

But, Anyone can print the digital copies for free :)

Leonardo de Vinci - died May 2nd, year 1519 AD, 500 years ago...
What the hell has humanity been doing with itself all these centuries?

The Month of May, the Month to REMEMBER the Grid.
Click on Link Declaration of Independence  

year 1776, Hello USAmerica... We have had independence for 243 years! we forgot what it means to be a true AMERICAN.

~This is the Time to Remember FREEDOM. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Responsibility is KEY. Documentation. Think about it. 

This is the WAR. 
The importance of the WORLD WIDE WEB. WWW. 
We are all Connected by our ROOTS. 
Look at the Trees. My Favorite Tree: populus tremuloides (quaking mystic Aspen Tree) We are the Trees.

The documented (the Grid) Verse. The undocumented (off the grid)

All People need is 3 things
1. Clean Water (Sanitation), Correct Septic Systems, Good Healthy Clean FOOD
2. Consistent Reliable Electricity that is Safe to USE.
3. The Internet, The Network, The World Wide Web (www) Free Access to Information.

All people want is Cell Phone Service for all everywhere. 
THE GRID. Safety. 

Identity is very Important. The paper trail - HISTORY

"Watchful Eye" is in the San Luis Valley, COLORADO
The depletion of the Ancient Aquifer
How to save the lost Ancient Lake

January 2019

Town of Vail Public Library 

Community Room  

January 2nd - 16th, 2019

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Winter 2018-2019

"Aspen Barcode" 8 x 8 - triptych 3 parts

bar code (often seen as a single word, barcode
is the small image of lines (bars
and spaces that is affixed to retail store items, identification cards, 
and postal mail to identify a particular product number, 
person, or location.

Fall into Winter 2018

Acrylic on Canvas
Small 6x6"

"A Hint of Winter"

"Gold and White"

"Hanging Canyon"

"Layers of the Earth"

"Mountains in the Distance"

"Pink Peaks"

"The Pine Tree in the Rock"

"Three Aspens First Snow"

Summer into fall - 2018

"Through the Aspen Tree Grove"
24"h x 18"w
Acrylic Paint on Canvas

May 2018

"Melting into Spring"
30"h x 36"w
Acrylic on Canvas

April 2018

"For Sharon" - N/A
Acrylic on Canvas
Diptych - two parts each 6x6"

February 2018

"Trees of Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

December 2017 - January 2018

"Fall into Winter"
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2017

Small for Fall - N/A

September 2017

September Artist Happenings
September Art Exhibition
Avon Public Library
September 2nd - 30th
Vail Daily Newspaper
September 15th, 2017

Interview #1 - Interview #2
TV8 - Vail - Beaver Creek - September 26th, 2017

To view the entire 2 hour episode click on the link below

Stages for TV8 
Stage 1: Blue painters tape holds the place for the front trees
Stage 2: Remove tape. add branches, leaves, and tree marks
TV8 Studio - Avon, Colorado
Stage 3: Finished
Title:"Good Morning Aspens"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

August 2017

Click on image to enlarge
"Golden Aspens"
48"x 60"

July 2017

"Sky" 24 x 18

"Magic Forest" 18h x 24w

Winter 2016

"Trees with Eyes"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2016

"Mountain View"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Snow in the distance"
"Not Natural"

September 2016

"Pink Mountains"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Yellow Sky"
Acrylic on Canvas

August 2016

"Trees and Mountains"

"Mountain Valley"

Spring 2016

"Eye of the Aspen"
48 x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas

Winter 2016

"Winter Aspens"
20 x 20
"Aspen Alley"
8 x 24

"Aspens Small"
6 x 12
"Winter Small Aspen"
12 x 6
"Winter Small"
10 x 8

November - December 2015

"Winter Wonder"
24 x 36