September 2019

John McCaulley died 9/14/19 at age 64.
One less narcissistic helicopter parent to infantilize me 
Of Course my mother Becky McCaulley the Knower of All knowledge 
she is still alive to pilot the helicopter 🚁 
This time  I’m in the helicopter with her, she cannot find me because I’m too close to see,
she will freak out because I won’t be her grandchild. 

And 9/11/01 is the American way
11/9/2001 doesn’t mean anything to the rest of the world.

What happens when the younger generation becomes smarter then the generation before, and the children become better people than the parents? The parents in Vail will distort their own child’s life. My parents preplanned my life and  I  grew up out smarting them so my parents stunt my growth for the last 18 years and want me to be a sweet 16 year old Forever. 

Vail + veil = “Vailing”
Read last months post, it might take you an hour but it worth your time, I can change your life.

After 2001 Americans have been frozen in place, almost 20 years have gone by and The United States has not progressed, we are, the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ is becoming an underdeveloped country.

Who really wants to be in the 3rd world when you’re first world citizens?

August 2019 Vail Valley, Eagle County, Colorado

Scroll, all they way down, to the View ART: My art is Veiled with many words (allow 30 minutes to read the statement below, written by MLM, this is not a hack, this is part of the process...) Please Read for some further understanding (or Don't read, and stay the same) ~ My parents will never accept Me being an Artist. I'm an Artist, but my parents want me to copy them, so they will never believe me because I'm not like them (my parents are not educated enough to know what Art is, they Don't "study" Art, they don't go to Museums, they don't use the Internet the correct way, so they just don't know what art is, it's ignorance ...) My parents probably won't read this because they are both blinded.  AND they don't understand that Making Art is, there is a lot more to it than just painting... My family gaslighted me for the past 30 years. *Gaslighting is a psychologically abusive and manipulative behavior intentionally making me (or anyone) doubt their (my) own reality, victimizing (me) a person into questioning their (my own) sanity. It is all because My family doesn't trust me because they believe they know more, and they are better than everyone in the world. They will never approve of anything I choose for myself because my parent didn't choose it for me. After I turned age 18, they lost all parental (legal) control of me, and they freaked out. The law is this way to protect humanity, humans after a certain age, they know what to do for themselves without their birth parent. If an adult human can't handle themselves without their mother or father, then they should be in jail. My parents believe the Real me is in Jail. What Jail? I would consider living with Becky and John McCaulley, A JAIL. I would rather be in the Eagle County Detention Center, the local jail, it treats me better than my own family. My mother and father bribed the police to arrest me 5 years ago all because I didn't turn out exactly the way they wanted me so they put me in Jail. I'm not a Bad person in society, I'm just a bad person according to John and Becky, just ask them what they think of Madison? And, What exactly am I doing wrong, did I actually do wrong? (What's so wrong with Not listening to my parents after a certain age?) My parents believe, and they really want me to be 17 years old permanently (when I'm really 33, as of August, I know who I am even when everyone around me is hallucinating, they tell me I'm a child, I will take it as a compliment, I really look that young for my real age? I CANNOT BE anything else BUT me, no matter what my parents want. I have 18 years of driving records, I have records I attended public school, so if other records are gone, I have more as back up, and I got a drivers permit at age 15, back in 2001.) This is another example of gaslighting, the reality is there, the documents, right in plain view, the other people as alibi, but the narcissist parent always has to be better. After you take the time to read this, you will learn, I'm Not wrong. I'm right for Not trusting my own. I Cannot Believe My own family. They want me to be connected to them forever, pushing me away at the same time, and then punishing me every time I leave, they love to burn me, if I move an inch I get guilt, so I have to start staying closer to home to get "taken care of" because I went to far away. My parents health gets worse when I'm away, if they can't see me, they might die, and then I'm burned, my parents will blame me for their death, even through their health is out of my control. Why does the child have to be the nurse to their elderly parent? I was Never interested in medicine, but believe everything Becky McCaulley says because she is my mother and my mother knows best. It’s a never ending stand-still cycle. I can't believe people still don't trust me. ... I'm Here, I'm right here in front of you "my own community (The Vail Valley)" I live in This Area (of Eagle County/Vail Valley) 90% of my life, (I did the math) Open your eyes and open your mind. I did go away for college, had family vacations, and some other short temporary travels of my own. (all my international travel experiences was during a specific time, between 1999-2012, ages 12 to 26, during a time I was in academics (school related) or I had just finished graduating and had the time) I have spent more than "thirty" years here in the same place, every summer, every christmas, every off-season, the same, a place named Edwards, on highway 6 west of Beaver Creek. The longest I have been away at one time was 5 months for college. Yes of course I DID make all these paintings -on this website -all-by-myself, and every-time I make a new one, I photograph them myself and download the digital images here. If I was a school teacher or a nurse like my parent want, I would not have the time to make this Blog. All made here, in Edwards. The Rumor that my mom painted these images is easier for some people to believe, some people's first impression of me "the real artist" she is.. I'm.."too beautiful to be that talented." It can easier to comprehend the stereotype, an artist has to be an ugly, old person. If its easier for you to believe my mom Becky believe her. It Does matter what my parents say. My parents Don't talk to me, but they will persuade the police, my landlord, a potential supervisor, any potential friend, or a man they want me to have relations with, instead of letting me do these things myself, my parents go  behind my back. I have been talking to other people lately about their families. I concluded it is very unusual IN AMERICA for parents of a 33 year old adult to believe just because I'm beautiful and young looking, and I have red hair I have to stay inside, and I can never be aloud to go to school, or interact with anyone, but I'm only allowed to interact with my mother, I don't like her. It all started because my mother Becky has an obsession with red haired babies, and she doesn't want anyone else to interact with me but her. Having parents making up lies about me at my job or anyone else lying about me, is very inappropriate. I caught people doing it, several times. My parents say they want me to be independent, but every time I find housing (even across the street) It is not under their roof so they spoil it. I don't want to work for a company that trusts my parents more than me! I don't want to be friends with someone who was a "set-up" My parents, John and Becky, they believe I have no friends (I have no friends as long as my parents are alive.) My parents only want me to be with them, and they get mad if I spend too much time away from them. My parents believe it is their job to get people to like me. (I don't have a problem, my art is good, and I can speak for myself) Why bother trying to set me up? I won't be Friends with people if my Mom and Dad told them to friend me.  I'm too old for my parents to try to control me. I Can Only Prove to myself. I'm only One person. If my people, my parents, my brother, my relatives and my friends, if they all Don't Believe in Me, well then, I'm all alone. I believe in myself, it's only me! (I'm just 1 person, in a world of 7 billion others and counting...) The world can be intimidating at times. There is way more to life then skiing at VAIL. Vail IS NOT AN ISLAND - Vail is part of the State of Colorado, Colorado is a state in the US and the US is part of the World, and it cannot cut itself off anymore. BUTT ... Stop thinking of my backside... seriously, and look at me straight look at my front, look at my eyes, the right way, The Believable way!! I actually did make the art, no matter what other people say. I'm a busy person  "when I'm Not at my day-job, what ever that is, or sleeping, or not skiing... I paint" and I'm actually a Woman too (since always!), and I'm a naturalized American citizen, thanks for my parents, because according to my parents " I was born here." (Gaslighting in reverse) What is real? Do you want to believe the truth or stay in the lie? People can say this isn't my website, but who else has been updating it, my parents?  This is my website blog, I'm only one (1) who updates it. This LONG LONG PARAGRAPH is all because (my) Parents can be soo bad, for example, my parents are narcissist, and had preplanned my life, (back in 1970s-early 1980s before I was alive) WTF. Making Art was Not in the PLAN!!! (Dear Mom and Dad, it's too late to erase me, it's to late to go back. I have the Talent, and I already made hundreds of pieces of Art) ~HAHA And ME Being an artist was definitely Not in their plan! Look! I'm already one. I don’t know what the "plan" was, because I wasn't part of the plan, and I was never told "the plan" by my parents, because they came up with the plan before I was born. They will ruin their own life just to stick with the original story, what-ever the fact was. (the moral of the story, when parents plan their child's life before the child is born, and then the child becomes an adult, nothing the child does will be enough for the mean/selfish parents.) John and Becky they didn't expect the world population was going to double, since the mid-1980s, when I was born there were half as many people on Earth as now. My mom and dad will do anything to "look" like the perfect family. And because my father doesn't like it I will make more, more art, haha. I'm getting my parents back for the abuse (by making art) for every painting I finish I'm closer to being what I'm. I protest in silence with paint and brush. Watching me paint is like "watching water boil" it is a slow process. My parents are backwards (parents in general.) Ask around town, do the locals care about my family? Who are the McCaulley's? My advice for anyone pursuing the Arts... Don’t Listen to your parents!!  My own father told everyone at his office that I never attended school, not true. My dad, he just wants me to stay uneducated, he wants me to be exactly like him so he can predict my behavior, and try to control me. I lived with my family all my childhood, then went to college, and I still live with them now, in the same house as always. Whenever I moved out of my parents house they "cripple" me, so I have had to move right back in this house over and over, my parents think it is my fault "I failed" Meanwhile my parents are sneaking behind back, and setting me up to FAIL. (It's not me, I know my accomplishments are real to me) My parents they were both firefighters back in the 1990s, they love setting me on fire, watching me burn, and then they slowly come to the rescue just at the last second so they become the Hero.  Ask John where does he think I was every weekday, living in the forest, "like the movies", or attending school like normal? My father, John McCaulley, he was at all my sports events, school plays, continuations, important events in Edwards, and all  3 of my major adult graduations, along with my mother. Becky McCaulley, she was there as well. My family was there at my high school graduation in Vail (with all my classmates from years together and their families I have know since birth), and my undergraduate college ceremony in Northfield, MN they came, and my graduate school (thesis art exhibition) in Alamosa, Southern CO they showed up. All official, and all involving groups of other people and their families (strangers, I hadn't met before.) All my graduations are Real, but of course anyone uneducated, jealous, they would just say I'm just too beautiful, and too young "looking" to be that over-educated. My parents send me to college hoping I would do what they planned, I don't know what they planned they did Not tell me. My parents want me to read their minds, when I do read their minds correctly I get in trouble by them because they think I'm spying on them, all I'm doing is living my own life and using my brain. My dad says I'm just a Fuck up who had to repeat school over and over. When in reality I have the highest level of education for the Arts. After earning a high level of education, a great accomplishment graduating with a Masters, a masters is an advanced degree showing a high level of mastery, it's still not enough to show my parents I'm this passionate about painting. I'm very motivated to make art, acrylic abstract paintings in my style, even-more. I have more tools now, more than ever before to live my life my way. But excuse my parents, Of course my entire existence is not what my parents pictured, no matter my own accomplishments, none of my life was approved. I have many achievements that no one but me will know about. My father and my mother Did Not approve any of it, nor did they plan for me to be this educated, so they punish me for my intellect by telling me I'm a LIE. (They couldn't control my interests, at any age, after I turned 18 in 2004, I was free, and I eventually learn about a whole world beyond, beyond a little place called Vail, CO, beyond America, is an entire planet.) He doesn't want me to be smart, he wants me to be dumb, and closed off, so he can be right about everything - that is actually backwards and wrong. My parents will do anything to prove they are right, even if they are wrong. It's sad to see. My dad, he counteracted my education by telling people, "my imitation daughter she "faked" graduating" thinking that I am just a child, and I'll stay a baby forever. Even if my college called, and the college or university tried to convince my parents my education is legit, my parent will just come up with some kind of argument it was faked. I'm very mature compared to my poop for parents, that's why this stinks. My family is so immature, they gaslight me for every breath I make, and every time I do anything, my family is there to reverse it.. They are both SO BAD and SO WRONG, but both always have to be right about everything. ALL My parents believe in is shit - money, and materials - are worth more than their own life. They gave me every material I wanted, but then they stole everything from me, telling me they own everything they bought for me. They believed because they paid for college, they get to pick my classes out! I picked out my own college classes, graduated 10 years ago, and for the last 10 years I'm being punished. It is because my own father, he didn't go to college, he might of taken College Level courses, but he never went to an on-campus school...And I don't understand what college my mother attended, because that "college" no longer exists. Where are the records? My father doesn't even know what higher education is all about. When I told my parents I was going to GRADUATE SCHOOL(2010-2011), they thought I failed college. Clearly, I didn't fail, they just don't understand why I'm going back to school. How could I of Failed? Unless my parents are the failures themselves, and they think I'm just like them? Like I stated parents (John and Becky McCaulley) they both attended my REAL graduation ceremony. I will spell it out... Graduate school requires an Undergraduate degree, and an Undergrad degree requires high school diploma. While I was in college getting "higher" educated someone back home (in Vail) they were starting to spread bazaar rumors, and ridiculous gossip about me. When I got back to Vail (after graduating college) I was shocked how bad people treated me. I'm a human TOO. #ME TOO Now, I know there are other men and women out there being harassed, besides, just me. It's not just women who get harassed, men can also be the victim. I thought for a long time that I was being singled out, when in reality there are several people being abused daily, not just me. My parents say will say I'm the abusive person, all because I don't Do what they want, so they reverse everything I do. (This is true abuse, when my parents Tell me I am not me. (So I'm typing this to reverse it back.) I am in "hiding" staying single and choosing to not have children, it makes my parents angry that I don't have children, because they already told people that I'm pregnant, it will just make my mom look "bad" when there is no baby. Most educated people know the world has over-population issues. My parents are clearly Not educated.  My Parents are still living in Vail like its 1974... Umm, what about time passing... 40 years in the future, Its Now - it is 2020, hello people, we have the Internet now, and more advanced computer technology now, none of it existing when Vail first started in 1960s/1970s. How long do (my) parents have authority over children, what about an adult child, forever? My parents don't believe I'm a "living" person, my parents don't even understand that I'm a girl, and my brother is a boy, and we are differences because there are two different genders, my parents don't know this. So they want to-do every thing to me, because they believe they gave birth to a mutant. "A mutant baby is dangerous if not kept under close supervision" But wait a sec, I turned out "normal" so I must Not be theirs... I'm Normal, so I must not be related to John or Becky. They both want me to be retarded so they can benefit off of it, sick. They physical abuse me as a newborn when I had no voice, and now I have a voice 30 years later. I'm confused, how can my parents think I'm abnormal? I cannot find a professional physician who is that dishonest and mean. Professional doctors tell me, my whole life, "I'm normal." When a professional tells me "I'm Not disabled," but My parents believe they know more than a doctor, my existence get erased while I'm living in it. My parents are under-educated, uneducated, let me remind you they didn't go to college (they say they went.) They reverse my education, telling me that they went to college, and I didn't go. They manipulate me into thinking I'm boy, when in reality I have always been a girl, and all my records my entire life. Even in kindergarten was I able to fake my records? I must be smart, if at five years old I can trick Becky and John into taking me in as their daughter. When uneducated parents believe they know more than a doctor, why do we have doctors, when parents know more? I think my mother Becky worked as a nurse, she just retired in April, and she wants me exactly like her, how is that right? She doesn't even understand boy and girls have different parts. I never wanted to be a nurse, and I never applied for nursing school. I'm obviously an artist, but my parents they block that part of me out. My parents believe that have more "experience" than their adult children. Shitty things happen to everyone in the community when narcissistic parents succeed. Everyone in the entire town suffers when my parents tell everyone their daughter is FAKE. John and Becky, my parents they are destroying the Vail Valley creating a black hole, by gaslighting me, they are actually burning everyone. If my parents can get away with behaving this bad, how many other parents out there, are also being this bad? When My parents try to change my perception, they are not aware, they actually effecting everyone else around me as well. My parents do bad things right in front of me, they told people that their daughter is helpless. My parents believe I'm helpless, when Im Not. Over time (30 years go by) I become helpless in society because my parents make me this way. My parents believe they gave birth to a monster, an unconscious, blind, deaf who can't read or write. (a new born can't read or write, humans learn how to do things over their life time) I heard them say these mean things, all-the-time, in-front of because they think I'm Deaf when I'm Not. I don't listen, so they just assume I'm deaf. I listen to other people, just not them. My parent tortured me by making me take hearing tests over and over. The results show I have normal hearing, but my parents will still argue they know Better. I can obviously read and write, and SEE. I made this blog, and I wrote many essays for school, and I wrote other things. Have I wrote you anything yet? My parents, they just tried to erased me by blanking me out of their memories. They don't recognize me anymore, so they don't want me to recognize them. I used to live in my own place, less than a mile away from them (literally across the street) I was still too far from them. How can I be FAKE? I'm too good to be That real. My family, They are all confused all because I didn't turn out like an exact carbon copy-cat. I want to know Who tapped my phone? look inside my computer, I dare you. was it my parents? If you looked into my life, you would just be confused because it's not Your life, and I am aware of you, I know you are there "watching me" My family they tell me they don't spy on me, but I know them my entire life, I know what these people are capable of, they are family. They veiled me for the past decade - over 13 years ago, all because ... I went to the Middle East for academic reasons, to learn a new (old) language, and study ancient art/architecture. I had a wonderful, and very educational experience. And I also traveled to many other places too. I always did what I said, and I always came home safely. My parents want to cover-up all my (great) accomplishments, all because my parents are afraid of the world. My parents Don't travel outside their own home very often. Now I get (illegal) surveillance on me, It's All because I went to Egypt to study, and to learn to Speak Arabic. My father is in overload turbo-helicopter mode, all because I was in Egypt (2006-2007), and Egypt is an Arabic Speaking Country. Arabic is a sacred, an ancient and a magical language, founded in the sand-dunes of the nomads, now known as Sand-Scripts. There is nothing wrong with foreign languages. Human languages took 100,000 of years to develop. Just like art, it took 100,000 humans to develop the reasoning behind art making.  So, you think my art is made by someone other than the artist herself? than who else? and how? it's from Where then? What time period? Not here, then Where? What website did I order this art from? Did I paint it Myself? My Website is this... and it is the original place for my images. No where else in the world will you find my original art. It is possible I made this art all myself, by myself and I'm inspired myself. I have proof, pictures, records, sketches and the studio space where I work. Is human cloning possible? Yes, LOL, I cloned myself an exact copy so I would have more time to make art, joking ! My parents have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to me... My parents told everyone they know - my daughter had a baby, I had a baby, what? when? I'm confused because my whole life my parents told me I was a BOY, I knew better, I have other influences, teachers, doctors, etc... (another example of gaslighting, telling your child she is the opposite gender, is considered brainwashing and it is Wrong!) My parents really want me to be a baby, or have a baby, so they tell people things just to be right, but what happens when there is no pregnancy, and no baby. I don't have the money for a baby, and I'm not interested, my money goes towards repaying student loans, credit cards, for food and art supplies. My parents don't believe the world exists outside of Colorado. My parents have been to Minnesota and Colorado. They don't believe Cairo, Egypt is a real City, and they don't believe there are actual people in Egypt. How can Cairo Egypt have a population of 16 millions, My parents believe Cairo is only sun and pyramids. My parents are confusing, they don't understand history, they think I'm the one who put all those people in Cairo all myself. I told my mom and dad, I'm studying art history, and my dad strongly believes I was forced into the military, What military? (John McCaulley is still living in WWII, he was born after the war ended, but he believes the War is still going on.) And This is America, there is No draft,  there is No War. To be correct, I was an American International Student, (Not an exchange) I was a young adult, age 20, Studying Art, at the American (private, English speaking) University, in the oldest city in the world, for a program, which was as a portion (1/4) of my overall College experience, just a small part of my now 33 years of life. It is what Modern people do, they have experiences beyond themselves. I have the old visa passport stamps, plan-ticket history, transcripts, records, photos, bills and many professionals telling me what I did was safe and real. I have had 3 American passports, issued to me, under my name, in my lifetime because passports expire, and I'm Older and experienced. Yes I'm female - before college, during and after, I'm always the same gender. My mom pressured me to go to private school, sorry I was too busy studying at a private school to get pregnant. I'm Not trying. I was never trying to have a baby because I'm too busy making art. How many times do I have to repeat myself to my parents that "I have never been pregnant" "I'm Not a boy" "I'm the same person always" and I'm never going to give them a grandchild, no matter how hard my parents try to brainwash me. I'm not having sex, and I'm not interested in adopting, and I'm a Not a child, how many times do I have to repeat myself? I shouldn't have to repeat myself ever. Ask, Becky and John, Who am I? Let them explain their story. They believe I cut myself, and make myself bleed at the same time very month, when I have a period at the same time every month, women don't like to menstruate but it's female nature. So if anyone thinks I'm a male, it my parents fault, it doesn't make any logical sense...  A Male he CANNOT be pregnant (Remember "Junior" the 1994 film staring Arnold Schwarzenegger?) he doesn't have the organs, seriously, he cannot carry a baby. Look at my MRI and what do you see? And a woman has a monthly cycle, when here eggs gets ready, and she needs a man sperm to fertilize her, she can't get herself pregnant alone, by herself. It takes an egg and a sperm, no need to further explain because most people living in modern era learn about reproduction in childhood. Most should know it takes up to 10 months for a baby to development in a woman's womb before delivery. People notice pregnancy. I was Never been interested in reproducing, even early on. I have worked in childcare for over 10 years, and I'm educated enough Not to get Pregnant in the first place (I have access to birth control or abstinence.) I spent enough time around babies I don't need one to take home. I have never needed an abortion because I used protection, or I just did not do it. My mother during my entire childhood (Fact, I was under weight for most of my adolescence, I have record) my mother would poke my stomach really hard, she would say in a mean condescending tone "Your stomach is sticking out" she was always commenting on me, and always watching me. She was hoping I would have a grandchild for her before I was ready (before I was able.) My mother would also spank me so hard on my butt, the next day at school I still have the red marks. Because I have SO MUCH pressure to give my parents a grand-baby, I refuse, I protest by staying single, not marrying, not getting pregnant, and not adopting. I do the opposite, if my parents DID not want me to go to Egypt, then they should of pressured me to go, they should say the opposite, so I oppose it. My parents believe I'm Not the original anyways. How is that possible to be an exact copy of myself?! Let me remind you my parents live inside their own butt holes, they are dirty people. All my parents think about is my anus, they told me if I'm not pregnant it is because I'm a gay man, what the fuck! My parents just want me to be dead so they can "start over" because I didn't have a baby, so they turned me into that baby. They think they know more about me more than I know about myself? Did they video surveillance me? It's illegal. There are strict - Rules..."No Stalking Laws" in Colorado. At the same time, my parents told me they gave birth to me, but at the same time I heard from other people I'm Not my parents daughter. Maybe there is a missing person. All My parents want from me is for me to have a baby. I had no baby, so my parents they turned me into a teen. (They Cut my age in half) My parents are so bad, they took me alive, a living person, an honest 33 year old female, and they turned me into a teenager. It's impossible for me to be half my age. And my parents they try to put an imaginary baby inside me so they can tell everyone I am a murdering a baby. I never conceived. A baby will not solve the problem, a baby is more responsibility. My parents don't understand, that a baby is going to grow-up someday, they only wanted the Fantasy of child bearing, but they won't actually do any of the work. Who taught me "life's toughest lessons" I had "absent parents." My answer is - the other adults in my life, for example- public school teachers, coaches, professors, past employers, counselors all taught me things my parents didn't teach me. The only lesson My parents taught me is how to lie and cheat, well, good-thing I shut them out for shutting me out. I never listened to the bad advice. My parents were never there for me on an emotional level, because they would only be there for me if I come to them with a accidental pregnancy (It didn't matter if I was a boy or a girl, they want my life to end, so they can start over, too late, the times have already happened.) No pregnancy happening, so I had to learn how to be there for myself. My parents only want a baby. They got me, an adult "baby" cry cry. All my parents care about is erasing me, and replacing me with a baby. All they want is to take care of my infant (that won't happen.) Even My neighbors, people I have known for 20 plus years, they all started to believe the lies as well, they believe I'm a minor, even through I have been over the age of 18  for 15 years now! I learned how to drive 18 years ago. What happened to learning to count? Simple math 33-18 equals 15 years. 2019-1986 equals 33. I will never be what my parents want, it's impossible to be them and it's impossible to time travel. I cannot go back to high school. Why would I want to repeat high school?! I was a perfect student for high school, at the time, my records prove so. I don't repeat myself, I'm done with school no matter what John and Becky say. I'm Not my parents. My parents  lied, on paper, and they think I'm exactly like them, my parents think I Lie because they lie. It is typical behavior for the cheaters, They are the ones with the BIG Secret, Not me, but they use Me To hide the secrets, by erasing my history, replacing my history with my parents history. Infantilization (look it up) My parents want is to "Freeze" my age at 16 FOREVER. I was 16 (in 2002.) Because I didn't "talk back" to my parents when I was a teenager, my parents they want me to be the perfect high school student again, and stay that way forever!? After a College education, Now I know better, I won't be passive anymore. I will say horrible things to my parents now, I'm not afraid of them. I yell and talk back, so they believe I'm not family. They won't believe that As I got older, I stopped having respect for them. What ridiculousness, is it a false fact, or the Reality? How do people know the truth when it has been covered, with so many lies, over so many years? I’m now 33 (truth) and each year of my life one more year on my age gets added, just like everyone. Don't believe the truth, only believe the lies. I have absolute no pregnancies in my life,- Or I have had 20 children. I'm the one with the womb, so I would know... A man who runs away from me, he will never know the truth, because he runs away from honesty. I'm female, and because I had no children, can society automatically turn me into a man because I make my own choices? but I can't be a man! I have No Dick and never had one. Men they don't have a vagina (do men have a time every month when they bleed?) (*Every human should be educated enough to know gender differences) My doctors at Vail Health can clearly see I'm a female, no doubt about it, I have all-natural, normal female-organs! My parents must of never changed my diaper as a baby, I had horrible diaper rash, until I learned how to use the toilet by myself. My parents don't believe I'm a female, because they never changed my diapers. My preschool teachers had to deal with the stinky diapers, my parents don't want to do the dirty work. They just want the ginger hair, but none of the work.  I had to defend for myself starting at a very young age, if I have diaper rash it is all my fault because I just have too sensitive of skin. Everything John and Becky do is ALL MY fault. When a boy, or a man believes I'm just like him, he will soon realize women we have physical differences to men. My dad and my brother are having a hard time realizing I'm Not the same as them.  The United States of America is a "Freedom of Speech Country" Parents you are "FREE" to Bull-shit (American Parents are Free to be little shits)... All Americans are Free to SHIT. Men and Women are equal when it comes to shit! My parents Don't know how to take care of themselves anymore because they are too busy trying to barge into my life to have a life of their own. Now I'm 33 I don't need my parents, but they demand I'm a child, and they are in-charge. I have the years, the age, and I remember, they can say they are in-charge but legally they can't be.  Now my parents health is changing, and It's all my fault my parents have aged. BUT How can I take care of my parents if they make me dependent on them? My parents Don't want me to be independent, when I get too far away they sabotage me. My Mom and Dad, now senior citizens (in their mid-60s), both retired, both at the worst health the two have ever had in my life. My parents poor health is all-my-fault of course. I'm the reason for the stress that makes my parents unhealthy. It is all my fault my mother and father couldn't control themselves. I was "too out of control of a child" for my parents to handle. My parents taught me bad habits, and it's all my fault my parents are bad people. Which is a contradiction, because My parents were so Desperate to have a baby, my mother would do anything to have a ginger kid. My parents created me just so they would have a place to put their "baggage" they put their "trash" on me. "I'm a just special Toilet for my parents to shit on." They should be more grateful that I'm here, I'm the place for my parents to put the blame for their problems. Just my existence, just because "I'm Alive" my parents say I'm bad because I survived, I must of cheated to be 33 years old already, remember they are still living in the 1970s. I'm responsible for my parents horrible habits. It is all because I Never listened, I didn't know the "plan", and I don't talk to my parents, because if I go talk to my parents they take it as sexually, gross, so we Never talk to each other! I just Yell at them, telling them they are bad. They are the worst. I would only be this mean to someone if I have a good reason, there must be a reason why I don't like John and Becky.... The two "the partners in crime," the two people responsible for "raising" me they won't take the blame for anything, they both blame me for all their problems, and they also blame me for the world's problems.  My parents are BAD because they believe a newborn baby has to change its own diapers. sorry mom and dad, I couldn't change my own diaper at birth. This is what my parents get for caring more (Less) about me (I called the important people, and I type it out on my website) My mom and dad they don't care for themselves, they are too busy competing with themselves in a contest who can be the "better" worst parent. I had to move back in with them because they retired, and they need me, the baby has to take care of the parents. They will be embarrassed, the shame is on me. I have a younger brother, what about him? Did my parents, did they come to college, live in my dorm with me like psychos, or did they stay home like normal parents? They paid for college, then they told people I didn't finish. Why did they pay so much money just to lie about me. Yes I did finish college even when My parents LIE! Why do Helicopter parents exist? Did my parents start stalking me as soon as I turned 18, or earlier then that? Has my family been stalking me for over 15 years because they wanted my life to be "vailed over" so my own parents can act like grandparents, restart my life, but Hello, hold-on, I'm still living in it. Now my life is overlapping with an imaginary grandchild?! it's Not right, what about me? I'm still a Living Person, a single adult, alone, the original me, the same as my ID!  I'm just me, the original, it's weird to prove to my own family, I'm myself. I choose a life of my own, and my parents just say I FAILED. How can my own parents tell me I'm worthless all because I'm not an exact copy. They tell me they gave birth to me, the doctor is educated enough to know gender. How can Becky give birth to a boy, but I have never been a boy? what about on a DNA level? are they actually my real genetic parents? Did my parents have sex with each other? or Did they steal my embryo? Did they steal my baby body from some other family? Do they know my "REAL" blood family? So what happens When the people who "raised" me tell me "to my face" they are my birth parents soo many times before... but now it is Summer 2019, they already told everyone they knew “behind my back” , over-time I’m Not the original, but to my face "of course, I'm the daughter," but then I hear "through the grape vine" that not, I'm just a kid? Are you kidding me? I know who I'm, and when people "tell me to my face" tell me something this is not right I get upset and confused. (Side note: My parents must not travel by plane, I fly commercial, because when you fly in a commercial airplane, the steward always says in case of emergency put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.) My parents didn't have the basics (they didn't have oxygen), they weren't mentally mature enough to help me when I was born, they can't even control themselves, before I was born and they have no control now. Uneducated people don't understand having a baby will add to more need, more stress, my parents were obviously not ready to be parents when I was born, and they are still not prepared to be older. I ended up raising myself, without them, and now they are making up my life story, falsifying facts, because they missed it when it actually happened. It is contradicting and confusing for a young person to be parent, I don't have children, I'm the child. At least, there is a system now. I have the same fingerprints my entire existence, 30+ years I am the same person, and documentation. My parents can say whatever false facts they want, they are just embarrassing themselves. I have resources now. While my own family makes up many LIES. I'm living my own adult life right here, in the same location as them, but with Honesty. How can I be "the original" at the same time "I’m Not the baby my parents gave birth to?" I’m must be an alien from outer space LOL. My parents must of lied about my birth. Could I as a new born change my own birth certificate as soon as I was birthed? Can a newborn infant type on a type-writer, or hold a pen as soon as they are born? Does a baby have the memory of the traumatic experience of birth? Would it be possible for a newborn baby to be pregnant at their own birth, and write their own birth certificate for a baby giving birth to a baby at its own birth?.. Not possible! Human development is a slower process compared to other animals. My parents, John and Becky, they are very impatient, they want their newborn (back 33 years ago) to be able to do everything on its own as soon as its born. But Now, I can be my own person, now at age 33, John and Becky, they turned me into a helpless baby, all because I never listened to them, and I don't like them. They put their names on my birth certificate a long time ago, but they aren't normal people. If a human is not exactly what Becky and John wanted they will burn the baby, so there is no longer any evidence it existed before. Maybe Now that time past, my parents will have to be more honest, the reason why my elderly parents have no memory, they can't read, and they Don't recognize me is because they lost their minds? Have they ever been tested for Dementia? For the last decade, my grandmother (on my father's side) she had dementia, she stopped recognizing me as family, for the last 10 years, she then past away last year at age 96. When my grandmother stopped remembering me, so did my parents. My parents believe what my grandmother believes, so they all believe I'm just pretending, all because of the Dementia. On paper is the proof. Just because my mom and dad, Becky and John (the two responsible for my up-bringing, and my birthright) they signed my birth certificate, they also named me. My parents gave me the name, "Madison Lee McCaulley" It makes sense I still have the same last name as my family.  I never changed my name, and I choose not to marry. I should have No records of a name change because I Never changed it. An infant newborn can't function by itself, a baby needs responsible adults in its life for years after birth. I don't need to be babied now, I needed the appropriate treatment 30 years ago when I was actually a child. A 33 year old adult doesn't need to be treated like an infant, the infant back 33 years ago needed parents then, not now. My parents believe they had a "super baby" back in the 1980s, (I could do everything perfect, maybe I was older than my mom told me.) What ever the rumor, I DIDN'T pick my own name at my own birth! A new born can't speak words. Becky and John, they both created my name for me. Another example my parents are backwards, (gaslighting) they told people at work that "Madison Lee McCaulley" was not my original name. My mother and father are convinced I changed my name to be the same name as their "dead, missing" daughter, when I'm me, I'm The "living" daughter right here in the flesh, I have freckles, (they can't lie). So it is very confusing for me to be in the middle of a made-up a lie so backwards. To hear my own family say, "My daughter is actually our granddaughter," "I'm a copy of myself" not possible to copy myself alive. When the truth is...I'm still the same exact person with the same name, the same parents. My parents picked me out back in the 1980s, and they wrote my birth certificate at "my birth" 33 years ago. My birth certificate shows I was born in Vail, CO. I might have some missing records in my early life before 1989. I never officially changed my permanent physical address, This house has been my home since 1989. I have added addresses to it, but it's still my home. I don't own my parents house, but I still have rights here because I am part of the family, no matter how bad my family gaslights me. I'm here and I'm REAL. If they don't want me to be around them anymore they should Not of been so desperate to have me move back in, or they should of sold their house as soon as I went to college in 2004. No Matter what my parents say, I have the proof. I have 33 years of history recorded I'm living PROOF, I'm the original and I'm Not lying about myself. My own parents are lying about me. What about the records, while one record can be erased, other types of records can still exist? I know there are secrets, and the shelf life is getting close to expiration. What about the Two Elk Arson in Vail in 1998? Could my parents have been involved? Did they used this incident to burn old records? Both the people who take the credit for "raising" me they made a BIG mistake over 33 years ago, before ME, before this house. They keep lying over and over. Right now, today, my parents are trying to get me pregnant, if I get pregnant I got rapped by my parents. I never leave the house. My parents are "Vailing" me. (Veil + VAIL = Veiling) My parents are trying to erase their mistakes, by covering me up with their own bad behavior, my parents bad behavior has now become my behavior? (I'm actually Not acting like them, they just say I'm) I don't behave that way in reality, but if everyone is brainwashed to think I'm bad, so everything I do will "look" bad. I didn't exist on paper before 1986 (or did I exist before I was told?) I believe I'm 33 because I remember my life, but maybe I had a life before I will take responsibility for all people before me, and I'm also responsible for the people after me. When no one in Eagle County will listen. I have the world wide web and it reaches out way further than Vail. The people out there who think they can "own" me, they themselves won't take responsibility for their own shit.  I'm alive, I'm an adult and aware of "my rights" even when my own parents told lies. My parents convinced me they are my original parents but they told everyone they knew I died  years ago, but I'm right here. I'm obviously alive, and the State of Colorado supports me, even when my own family abandoned me. Colorado is here for me, and Colorado is here for its People. 

"Evening Moon Reflecting on The Eagle River"
12 x 12"
"Aspen Stripes"
12 x 12”
Acrylic on Canvas 
"First of August"
12 x 12"

July 2019

NEW! JULY 2019
"Water Carves Through Rock" 12 x 9"
Acrylic on board
Price $ TBA
The painting above - July 2016 N/A
Old painting painted-over..Look Above
"Red Rock, Green Tree" 12 x 9
DO YOU SEE THE LAYERS, Do you see texture? Look for the bumps from the paint layers...
*All the images on this website are digital photos of the hand-painted originals. I use my camera to photograph my one-of-a-kind paintings, all created by hand, by brush, by one person - that’s me! I'm always creating NEW work - sometimes I paint over Old paintings, and most of the time I'm painting from the Blank Canvas !

June 2019

The Four Seasons of Colorado
9" diameter circles 
Can you tell what season is it? 

First Layer of acrylic paints
$100 each /or $400 for all four
Acrylic painting was invented in the 1940s.
became commercially available in the 1950s.
I only use safe non-toxic synthetic color, mix with water. 

Vail Spring 2019!

"Colors of Spring"
16h x 12w

March 2019

Repainted, painted-over below in 2019
NEW Titled "Color Party"
Diptych (2 Parts) 12 x 18 or 12 x 9 each
$160 each or $320 both

(Original Painting in 2016 - N/A)
Acrylic on Canvas

January 2019

Town of Vail Public Library Community Room  
January 2nd - 16th, 2019
(Click on images to Enlarge)

Winter 2018-2019

Titles: "Aspen Barcode #1,#2,#3" Size 8 x 8" (Triptych 3 parts)
($160 Each or $320 for all 3)

bar-code definition: a series of lines of varying width, can be printed on the product, or a sticker, read by a scanner to determine information about the product. 

Fall into Winter 2018

6 x 6
Acrylic on Canvas

"A Hint of Winter"
"Gold and White"
"Hanging Canyon"

"Layers of the Earth"
"Mountains in the Distance"

"Pink Peaks"

"The Pine Tree in the Rock"

"Three Aspens First Snow"

Summer into Fall - 2018

"Through the Aspen Tree Grove"
24 x 18

May 2018

"Melting into Spring"
30 x 36

February 2018

"Trees of Winter"
18 x 24

December 2017 through January 2018

"Fall into Winter"
18 x 24

October 2017

Small for Fall - N/A

August 2017

Click on image to enlarge
"The Golden Aspen Grove"
(Started in 2012, took 4 years to complete)
48 x 60 (4ft by 5ft)

July 2017

"Sky" 24 x 18
"Magic Forest" 18 x 24

Fall 2016

"Trees with Eyes"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas

October 2016

"Mountain View"
Acrylic on Gesso Board
"Snow in the distance"
"Not Natural"

September 2016

"Yellow Sky"
8 x 10
"Pink Mountains"
Acrylic on Gesso Board

August 2016

"Mountain Valley"
"Trees and Mountains"

Spring 2016

"Eye of the Aspen"
48 x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas