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April 2020

"Watching the Snow Melt-off the Mountain-side Through the Window During the Stay At Home Quarantine"
24 x 18 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

"Vail Mountain"
12 x 24 inch
Acrylic on Canvas

March 2020

6 x 6

"Spring Pine Forest on Snow-melt Mountain Side"
8 x 10 inch
Acrylic on Canvas
*Abstract layering of paint, creating, building, refining the image with each layer...

October 2019

Small for Fall 6 x 6

September 2019

"September Sun" 12 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas

August 2019

"Evening Moon Reflecting on The Eagle River" 12 x 12"
"Aspen Stripes"  12 x 12”
"First of August"  12 x 12"

July 2019

 "Water Carves Through Rock"
12 x 9"

Acrylic on Board

*Please Note: All the images on this website are all originally hand-painted, but the artist digital photographs the hand-painted originals. "I use my camera to photograph my one-of-a-kind paintings, all created by hand, by brush, by one person, that's me, I'm always creating NEW artworks" (once in a while I paint over an old paintings, but Most of the time I'm painting from the Blank Canvas!) 

June 2019

The Four Seasons of Colorado - 9" diameter circles 
Can you tell what season is it? 

$100 each /or $385 for all four

*Acrylic painting was invented in the 1940s.
became commercially available in the 1950s.
I only use safe non-toxic synthetic color,
mix with water. 

Vail Spring 2019!

"Colors of Spring"
16h x 12w

March 2019

 "Color Tree Party"
Diptych (2 Parts) 
12 x 18, or 12 x 9 each
$160 each, or $300 both

January 2019

Town of Vail Public Library Community Room  
January 2nd - 16th, 2019
(Click on images to Enlarge)

Winter 2018-2019

Titles: "Aspen Barcode #1,#2,#3" Size 8 x 8" (Triptych 3 parts)
($160 Each or $360 for all 3)

bar-code definition: a series of lines of varying width, can be printed on the product, or a sticker, read by a scanner to determine information about the product. 

Fall into Winter 2018

6 x 6
Acrylic on Canvas

"A Hint of Winter"
"Gold and White"
"Hanging Canyon"

"Layers of the Earth"
"Mountains in the Distance"

"Pink Peaks"

"The Pine Tree in the Rock"

"Three Aspens First Snow"

Summer into Fall 2018

"Through the Aspen Tree Grove"
24 x 18

May 2018

"Melting into Spring"
30 x 36

April 2018

Diptych - 12h x 6w
(each part 6 x 6)

February 2018

"Trees of Winter"
18 x 24

December 2017 through January 2018

"Fall into Winter"
18 x 24

October 2017

Small for Fall

September 2017

September Art Exhibition
Avon Public Library
September 2nd - 30th, 2017
Vail Daily Newspaper
September 15th, 2017

Interview #1 - Interview #2
TV8 - Vail - Beaver Creek - September 26th, 2017

To view the entire FULL 2 hour episode click on the link below

Stages for TV8 

Stage 1: Blue painters tape holds the place for the front trees
Stage 2: Remove tape...add branches, leaves, and tree marks
TV8 Studio - Avon, Colorado
Stage 3: Finished
Title: "Good Morning Aspens"
18 x 24
Acrylic on Canvas