The Circle

The meaning of the circle.. cycle, center, wheel, round, pivot, loop.

View of Southern Colorado from the sky 

Things that are circles... Hula hoops, Central pivot irrigated fields, Frisbees, the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, bottle caps, Clocks, Anasazi Kivas, man hole covers, the wheel, CDs, and the list goes on... Where else do you see circles?
The Anicent Egyptians used circle crop pivot irrigation, do you see the loop?

Does the perfect circle naturally occur in nature?
In the San Luis Valley, part of Southern Colorado circles are all over the place. (Image to the right: Satellite photo (Google Earth) of the San Luis Valley, Colorado) The reason why circles are so prevalent in San Luis Valley is because of center pivot irrigation is used there. Irrigation is man-made, not made by nature. Central irrigation is used in areas were water conservation is important and the land is flat. That is why the San Luis Valley is a great place for circle crop/pivot irrigation. Central pivot irrigation is also used in the Sahara Desert. Where else do you see circles appearing in your life?
Madison  McCaulley, Graduate Studio, Adams State