April 2019 - Month of the Artist, Painter, Musician, Dancer, Writer

April Fools: Madison Lee McCaulley, "The Madness is Calling" me in Grand Junction, Colorado.
WATCH THIS YOU TUBE: Declaration of Independence

MISSION: To Save the homeless children of COLORADO from their DRUG addict parents.
A child, a minor (in the US under age 18) is innocence. 
A young person can't save themselves by themselves, minors need adults to teach them things like Hygiene, we all Wash our hands after the Toilet, and Brush our Teeth before bed, in the morning and after we eat sugar.
Madison is educated, she wrote this and made this BLOG look like a real Website.
I believe in open religion, at age 32 I have many beliefs, I'm born female from Vail, absolutely no doubt about my feminine, and I have access to technology because I worked hard to pay for expensive Mac Computers, and I have a credit card because I have GOOD CREDIT. 
I do not worship people, Allah, Assyrian Christianity, Ancient Original Religion, I worship God and prevent violence by myself.
Good Health, Fresh Food, Nutrition, Hygiene, Clean is GOD
Let's Talk...
Let's Talk about Suicide. "Act of killing oneself"
SUICIDE is an UN-Natural ACT.
If you are going to "Kill" Do it Metaphorically (in the thinking), Not physically, Physical Damage is Permanent. Once your Teeth are gone, they are gone. 
When someone actually dies from killing themselves, its BAD, it's because No one was there to tell them to Stop. We need each other to remind us the difference between Right and Wrong.
COLORADO has the highest Suicide in the World. People come to Colorado for extremes, like extreme ways to die in glory. 
But ME, MADISON MCCAULLEY, I'm Native to COLORADO and when you are born in Colorado everyday is a Blessing.
The people who come to Colorado, Out of State, they kill themselves because they do Not have support. People Born in Colorado have to have Family, how would a baby be born in Vail without a birth parent?
Most people who succeed at Suicide are Not Born in Colorado. #1
Ask a Colorado Native if they think about Suicide, and they would say No, I love Colorado, I want to LIVE. 
People stopped paying attention to each-other as people, as family, a 100 years ago.
When the ski industry starts people Stop Talking to each other.
People die from uneducated, unsafe behavior. 
For Example, I did not know alcohol was poison until I got Alcohol poisoning went to the Emergency Room, over a decade ago, Now I know Alcohol can kill a person when consumed in High Volume, it Kills. But I survived College, my own family wants me dead because they are embarrassed that I'm SO intelligent. My Family want me dead so they can sell my ART and be rich off their dead daughter talent. SO sad, because I'm Alive and my parents get everything. All I have is this BLOG. 
No one really wants to kill themselves, "Copy Cat suicide" is the Government trying to get us all to eat our own poop. No one copies a friend who died from killing themselves. No one likes the taste of Shit.