About the Artist

"As an artist, it's up to me to find my own way in the world!"

How to describe Madison's Art: 
Colorful, fun, expressive, abstract! 
That's how I, a lifelong Eagle County resident, describes my artwork...
I usually start with a variety of mediums to draw with, to practice for my final larger paintings; 
these mediums range from colored marker, colored pencil, watercolor, and oil pastel. 
My final pieces are always made with acrylic or oil paint, either canvas or cut wood.

What does art mean to you?
Art, to me, is about expression, fun and play. I believe we are all born artists; it is just a matter of showing your creative side to others. I think so many people are afraid of what others may think. 
Art is the lens into the human spirit. Celebrate your creative side; don't hide it.

When did you want to become an artist?
I believe everyone is born as a creative spirit, but we each grow up and follow our own paths. I received my master's in painting in December 2011 and now I am so happy I decided to follow my passion for the arts, in particular for painting. I am currently painting a new series of colorful abstract mountain landscapes. 

What inspires you to create? What sort of mood do you have to be in?
The environment around me inspires me to paint, if I'm in nature or a city, I enjoy creating the many textures and shapes found in the world we live in. I am always in the mood to paint. Art is an obsession for me, but better; it's my passion. The Vail Valley, where I currently reside, is a very inspiring place of beauty, and I am very inspired by the mystic Aspens trees. When I am not working on my painting, I also enjoy skiing and hiking.

Why did you choose the medium that you work with, or did it choose you? 
The mediums I like to work with are all about color. 
I like to use paint more than other mediums because it works the bests to get the result I like, and I enjoy acrylic because of the fast drying time. I love mixing my own colors and layering them. I also like to use oil pastels, colored markers, colored pencils and watercolor. I am working on a new series of large and small colorful mountain landscape paintings. The Colorado mountain landscape that I live in inspires me to paint any time of year or any time of day. So the mediums I choose to work aid my ability to capture my vision. 

If I could meet any artist who would it be and what would you talk about?
 I would want to meet artist Clyfford Still. I went to the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver (I would highly recommend it). It was a very inspiring exhibit for me. I would love to talk to Clyfford about abstract expressionist painting.

Have a happy life! 

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